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Name: Richard Rorty

Time Period:  1931 -- Present

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Brief Description: Richard Rorty, dubbed the most influential contemporary philosopher  in 1990 by the New York Times, has a new approach to philosophy. He believes that the 'big picture thinking' style of philosophy is over. Rorty studied at The University of Chicago and Yale, and was a professor at Yale, Wellesley, Princeton, and the University of Virginia. He promotes the belief in myths because it helps us live and understand, whether what we believe is actually "true" or not. Richard Rorty is also known as a maverick among philosophers, possibly because at times he speaks out against philosophy as actually holding any truths at all.

Current Relevance:  Since Richard Rorty is within our own time period, it is much easier to understand his perspective than say, Aristotle or Plato. He sees the need to have a belief in something, and recognizes the need for faith in something- whether it be religion, philosophy myths, etc. This is important because it gives people a sense of being and hope, and everyone needs that.

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